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HAMA Merchant and Finance Limited
Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O.Box : 1425
Phone : 4249503,4216482, 016213290   Fax : 4250245
Email : info@hamafinance.com.np
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e-Banking Faq
  1. What is e-Banking?
    E-banking is a tool that facilitates to conduct your banking activities online with an internet connection. Through e-Banking you can make banking transactions via internet without queuing up for long time in banks thereby saving your manpower and valuable time.

  2. How will I access e-Banking?
    Access to the e-Banking service will be through our website - www.hamafinance.com.np. You need to enter your e-Banking User id and password each time you access your e-Banking account. You are also given an option to change your password. Since your access is protected by this password it is very important that you protect your password, by making it known ONLY to you and changing it frequently for your security.

  3. What can I do with e-Banking?
    You can experience the facilities of account statement, interest statement, fund transfer and stop cheque payment.

  4. Do you charge for this service?
    No. We offer this service free for all our customers.

  5. How frequently is my account information updated?
    Your account information is updated with every new transaction posted to your account.

  6. How often can I access this service?
    Access to this service is available 24 hours a day.

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